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Luscious Lips

  • 3 easy steps to the perfect lip shade.

    6 tips you need to know about wearing red lipstick.

    7 quick steps to make you lipstick last all day and prevent lipstick feathering.

    6 fail-proof steps to make your lips look fuller without cosmetic procedures.

    Get the look! See how you can create the perfect "Day Look" then bump it up into a sultry "Evening Look" in 15 minutes or less.


  • The “Luscious Lips” Makeup App has all the secrets you need to create stunning and beautiful lips.

    We have everything you need to know about lipstick and lipstick application from how to select the right colors for you to how to make your lips appear fuller. It is all jam packed into our luscious lips app.

    Get empowered with detailed Up-Close Videos that have Step-by-Step Instructions, Application Techniques plus Pro Artist Tips & Tricks.

    As a bonus this app has full looks from our “Get the Look” videos. Watch and learn how they are created from beginning to end and recreate them on yourself.


  • Get step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks and in-depth video on:

    •How to select the “Perfect” lip shades. Light everyday, everyday and your deeper lipstick shade.
    •Lipstick formulas and textures
    •Basic lipstick application technique
    •Lipstick and lip liner application technique
    •Lip gloss application technique
    •How to select a red lipstick
    •Red lipstick application technique
    •Deep red lipstick application technique
    •How to prevent lipstick feathering technique
    •How to make lips appear fuller technique
    •Product recommendations
    •Bonus: Get the Look Videos- see full makep looks created from beginning to end and recreate them on yourself!


  • Finally, now you can learn what would have taken schooling and years of experience for a professional makeup artists in just a few days and all at the convenience of your finger tips! Be prepared to see how makeup is really applied we don't skip steps in our app, we show you everything!